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  1. DonHitzoe

    Sup ppl, im from England, Uk . Wiz has got his game on point.
    Qwik question are the mixtapes in release order, like the 1st one (Cabin Fever) being the oldest goin down in descending order so that the latest release is at the bottom?
    i could just download it and find out, but you know its good to talk.
    Wiz if you come to England, make sure you come london, its peak

    T.G > Everything

  2. gucci1017

    Wh@t$ up khalifa

  3. DonHitzoe

    wtf is up with this datpiff sh*t, i just wana d-load the everything taylored mixtape and its sayin i hav to register , allow tht shit, cant i download the .zip like the rest of them,

    and it wont even let me register to dload it WTF. stupid ass bullsh*t man -.-

  4. DonHitzoe


  5. Caitlyn


  6. gshawn

    Taylor gang for life bitch!!! kush we burning while orange juice we siping come on thats the shit for a nigga!!!!!!!! wiz is the boss, word!!! if you hate fuck you all bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. sam

    If cabin fever is ur favorite wiz tape, u aint a real wiz fan

  8. Chris

    @sam A real wiz fan would appreciate anything he makes .

  9. ArabPussyLicker

    yall like boys


    Kush & orange juice

  11. Burgers&Bitches

    Burn After Rolling…the best he ever made!

  12. Kevin

    @sam also cabin fever is a dope as mixtape so you really cant say that cus i have all of his mixtapes and cabin fever is dope as shit but then again what Wiz mixtape isant from Prince of the city welcome to pistolvania and up i even have wizdom that mixtape is cold so watch what u say

  13. Kevin

    all of his mixtapes are raw

  14. Faith Dockery

    who are you to say who is a real Wiz fan ? Nobody’s a “real” wiz fan . I didnt start listening to him until i heard his first big hit “Say Yeah” &; im a pretty big fan . Just because you havent listened to him since his first mixtape dont mean shit ! just sayinn’ (:

  15. marc


  16. johnathon samuel

    wizzy needs to be on wayne’s mixtape SOON

  17. Tayloredout420

    @sam what do you mean that if people like cabin fever there not real wiz fans or “taylors”…i rep taylor gang and cabin fever is one of my favorite Mixtape….but my #1 favorite is actually Everything Taylored. TG over everything!

  18. Kyletwizfan7

    Wiz u doin it, kno that we support u all the way, u kno what we tell them T.G.O.D. and if u smokin 1 then we are..

  19. rc92

    Wiz all day! Ya’ll need to shut up! HAHA!

  20. ogtaylorofcleveland1

    dude ive been listenin to wiz when he immediately put out prince of the city welcome to pistolvaynia and I KNOW CABIN FEVER AINT MY FAVORITE OF HIS. Cabin fever was good but it wasnt his best. I got to keeep it og and say welcome to pistolvaynia is my fav! taylorgang and jet planes over everything!

  21. yukwan oyiejo

    i like all song for you wiz khalifa

  22. elias

    u are my feveret artist 10 q

  23. Brad

    Flight School is awesome

    Wiz Khalifa Quotes

  24. J. Sortor

    Flight School All Tyme Favorite
    #Winter Taylorr

  25. JPHblower

    Yall are some dickeaters. stop slurpin that dick and smoke some weed

  26. Jaime93

    How fly best mixtape made Period

  27. @TaE_RBN

    Flight school ix and alwayx be my fav

  28. Blaqk

    @Chris not necessarily

  29. Dcbud

    Flight school best album dropped ever. And of course ATL freestyle best 16 bars iv heard.

  30. LilPenguin

    i wish i was a rapper like Wiz Khalifa or i like to be a rapper in taylor gang rapping with him

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  33. iluvbud

    smoke weed every day burn after rolling

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