What Is Taylor Gang

The most famous question of late 2010, What Is Taylor Gang? As Wiz Khalifa would say in a few words, “Taylor Gang is a lifestyle”. Taylor Gang is often associated with the famous Chuck Taylor shoes, which Wiz is famously known for wearing or the school where Wiz Khalifa started his movement, Taylor Allderdice High School. But when you ask the Taylor Gang General himself, he will tell you it is a movement. Taylor Gang is being comfortable with yourself and what your doing. So remember Taylor Gang Or Die.

Short clip of Wiz Khalifa explaining the Taylor Gang lifestyle.

Here is a video from a few years back of Wiz Khalifa introducing the whole Taylor Gang.

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    I totally agree with WIZ because im having fun hanging out and being me.IM 13 and you will never catch me with me with anything on my feet except for CHUCKzz. Also being in TG i believe you must have a certain amount of confidence in yourself as in going to people and being who you are completely.TGOD and im out!!!!!!!!!

  2. DntChase'Em

    Wiz…I love you. I’d do anything in this world to meet you. OH MY GOD, that would be better than any drug known to man kind. Pleeeease come smoke some of that bomb ass shit, you and Snoop, both.

    Wiz laughs at yall haters. Like all of us do.

    Keep livin’ Young, Wild, and Free!

    – Gen. (:

  3. brandon partida

    whats good wiz

  4. kendyl

    Chuck T Gang Forever

  5. Kaylee

    I Ainn ‘ No Huge Fan .
    But I Lovee Your Music (;
    Love , Kaylee Day .
    Ps. It’d Be Amazinggg To Meet You :/ And Ive Been To One Of Your Concerts Before .
    Mobile , Alabama <3 ( ;
    Ohh And … [ Taylorr Gang Or Die ] <3

  6. Kaylee

    Comee Burn One With Me (; <3 8503328285 !!!!!!

  7. Porcha

    im Your Biggest Fan
    <3 Cameron jabril thomas…..

    -Porcha J.

  8. Porcha

    i Would Love To meet You Sir….
    You Can Send Meh Sum Of Your itemms And iCan Rap.
    Porcha Johnson
    682 grayson ave.

  9. Sidney

    Youre a beast. i love you.

  10. young wiz k

    waz up wiz khalifa look on my face book remember me from backstage

  11. yukwan oyiejo

    you the bast hip hop in the world

  12. cici

    Chuck Taylors everyday Let Meh Hear Yhu say!!-Taylor Ganq!! _Love Yhu Wiz


    please call jason coggins whizkalifa @9039175096 to get arecord deal please email contract to jasoncoggins89@yahoo.com and i need to borrow a loan for 800,000thousand dollors please check payable to jason coggins@405 harris st kilgore tx 75662 by fedex to get on my toes i love you

  14. breyana

    Wiz Khalifaa ,.<3 Taylor Gangg – ( Bangg ) !

  15. Joey st.brice

    Taylor gang or die :)

  16. yolandaa'Wk

    WiZZ KHALiFAAAA <3 :)
    tAYLORR GANGG OR DiE ! : ]

  17. LilPenguin

    ok i really really like wiz music and albums i like Cabin Fever,Rollin Papers,the mixtape Kush n Orange juice,my top 3 songs by Khalifa would be to me is Say Yeah,Taylor Gang,and Black and Yellow.What I REALLY WANT TO SAY IS TAYLOR GANG OR DIE

  18. tha juice

    wiz i been listenin to u since u dropped prince of the city part 1 your talent has REALLY improved your music is like no other its so different so fuckin real i mean it ease my mind while i got one n da air huge fan have every mixtape and albums straight out da store i support u i no it aint easy but u doin a damn good job next time u come to charlotte make sure u dont leave without smokin wit ya boi got a hell of loud pack fo us to smoke keep it up my nigga T.G.O.D.

  19. Taylor

    - wizzzz , you’re ahbeast ! & ilovee taylor gangg , just bcuz that’ss my namee ! mwah , ilovee youu my boy . <3
    T G O D .

  20. twin


  21. iluvbud

    i am your biggest i’ll die for taylor gang my birth day is comming up and ima get taylor gang tatted on my chest i wanna cum to your show for my b day an smoke some sour d with the planes

  22. iluvbud

    im only 13 years old it will be my lifes dream to meet wiz khalifa himself taylor gang over everythang live from columbus ga

  23. Lexii Naomi

    - I Love You So Much Wiz , I Would Do Anything In This World To Meet You ! I Listen To Your Music All The Time . Blow Some Bomb With Me <3
    # TGOD

  24. Brad

    Taylor Gang or Die!

  25. elizabeth

    Man, Your dope af. I have been listening to you for awhile now and your a very big insperation for me. It is not just the words to your songs its the beat. and the good vibes it brings. You and Snoop are the best. From your style and from the way you do not care what people think. you do you. and not very many people out there that rap or whatever are like that. when I am completly mad or whatever you make me have confidence and happiness. Keep smokin. #taylorgang

  26. Babson babs

    Ya wiz khalifa i agree with you this is my favorite artist in the world me too i like rap game and also do rapping game, one love to those who love wiz and i wish to be more than him.

  27. wiz

    I just wanna be like you* the wiz TGOD

  28. fahay king

    man yu are just amassing stay lyk dat no substitute for qaulity

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