Wiz Khalifa x DayToday Season 1

For all you new Taylors wondering how Wiz Khalifa ever got so popular? Put it simple, Wiz Khalifa built himself, he built his fan base one video at a time. Wiz made all these videos letting his fans see what his day today was really like, see he really was what he’s rapping about. Check ‘em all out!

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  1. ABG'Yancey

    Yo Wassup Wiz . Itz Hood’Rich . Im Determined To Get In Contact With You . I Would Love To Have Some Official Business With You . Maybe If You Have The Time To Check Me Out You Would Do So And Give Me A Holler .1-888-928-0077ext 2 Call My Business Line Thanks Bro . Taylor Gang Or Die .Twitter@abgyancey

    -Hood’Rich Trapboi

  2. Tyler

    Taylor Gang or Dont Smoke For A Week

  3. @flyhightrizz

    follow up on twitter wiz @flyhightrizz taylor gang or headbutt a knife

  4. @Stoneriffic

    Taylor Gang or catch a grenade.

  5. planes over lames

    it’s just taylor gang or die!!! YEAH!!!………….BITCH!!!! hahaha, and that’s the long laugh on yal bitch asses

  6. DatKid

    Yo Wiz.
    U coming to Denmark the 14th of august – Copenhagen!
    Give a shout to my mail, and i will def bring u the best weed in europe!
    Taylor gang or die

  7. Kris Martin

    if ya’ll feelin wiz you need to check out troy’ce sayles. same type of flow. gaurantee ya’ll won’t be dissapointed. check it out at http://twitrax.com/s/wq3g3y

  8. Corey

    Taylor Gang All Day

  9. malik taylor gang carroll

    Watz good wiz these niggas dnt kno nun bout taylor gang ima hold it down 4 life….taylor gang over everything

  10. DbOy


  11. C wonda

    i digg this blog stuff check out my beats please

  12. diamond

    I love your music

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