Wiz Khalifa And Soulja Boy In The Studio

Earlier today Wiz Khalifa posted a few pics of him and Soulja Boy working in the studio. I’m sure Wiz and Soulja will make some good music considering their last collab “Inked & Tatted” was super dope!

Wiz Khalifa & Soulja Boy

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  1. MichellD89

    yeeaaa wiz, you are the best, gang i *LIKE* style

  2. Michael Niven

    dont downgrade yourself wiz, soulja has to be the most pathetic “rapper” if u want to call him that.

  3. Austin

    NOOOOOO!!!! if they have a song together im done listening to wiz soulja isn’t a rapper he’s a joke to the game

  4. John

    No Wiz. Please no.

  5. chuck

    souja a good ass producer quit hatin

  6. Michael Niven

    only way soulja will be good is if he gives up rapping cause its not working for him

  7. josh

    soulja straight garbage, wiz u gotta get back on your prince of the city 2 swag

  8. alec

    fer real wiz get that price swag 2 2 2 its the 4 1 2 T.G.O.D

  9. Wallo

    noooooo!!! i just lost some respect for wiz :(

  10. benzooooo

    #freeeesh ass nikkkkuuuuhhhs thahahhahhhhh wiz nnnd soulllja shoulddd makke suhhhm banqinnnnnq colabbb ishhhh

  11. John Gonzalez

    hell ya S.O.D and T.G.O.D!!!! everyone hates on soulja boy cause they don’t listen to his new shit and its topping charts just like wiz! appreciate the new kings of rap/hiphop cause ul hear more of both of them for a long time.

  12. Kevon Z

    Actually Souja iz pwetty good like da song pronto n dont get mad. I like em


    all yall shut the fuck up ! let wiz do his own thing bruh ! he gonna be cold no matter what !

  14. cameron

    fuck you

  15. Nicolas

    wiz made a huge mistake with soulja i thought he wont mess up especially when he collabs with people supporting young money soulja and rick ross are some im starting to hate him alil cmon man be wize wiz!!

  16. lil chuck

    yal just need wiz do his thang

  17. lil chuck

    do his thang

  18. kay-smoove

    wiz khalifa is a beast any way it go tahahahaha yeah

  19. Andrew619

    Both niggas go hard, dont hate.

  20. Hasan Shepton

    ALL OF THESE HATERS, AND HE’S STILL MAKING HIS BANK THOUGH? It’s a perfect mix, and dumbass comments just make it even easier to do more work. SOULJA BOY & WIZ gettin to tha moneyyy, so I fuckz wit the musik big homey, I’m lookin forward to more soundtracks!



  22. isaiah garcia

    yo wiz u the shit nigga taylor gang or die

  23. isaiah garcia

    fuck those who hate on u bruh just brush them haters off remember if u aint taylor thrn go die he aint got time for ur shit he be makin mad stacks unlike u broke ass niggas

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