Wiz Khalifa – DayToday Season 4 Episode 2

Wiz Khalifa just dropped his latest episode of DayToday Season 4 shot and cut by Bill Paladino. You can catch Wiz and the Taylor Gang partying in their hotel suites, performing at Spring Break and kicking it with Juicy J and Drake.

Comments (13)

  1. iliana

    hi my name is iliana love u miss u :)

  2. Azone

    Dammm Finally Drakee And Wizz Chillinnn >>>> NIceeee

  3. cameron

    drake wasn’t having fun…

  4. Cam Strong

    What was the song they were playin at the end (bombay and dobbies lol)??

  5. Cam Strong

    it starts when wiz is talking to drake?

  6. wayne gretzky

    Yes Drake and wiz hit that studio cuh

  7. CaseRase

    ambers ass looks big as fuck

  8. kellz

    drizzy looks baked!! ^ambers ass does look huge!!

  9. Matthew Stapleton

    What is the name of the sweatshirt wiz and drake are rocking?

  10. nikki

    yo wiz we all love you in ireland do you plan to come over anytime soon you are so hot

  11. Deme

    Juicy J is hilarious.

  12. juju

    @Matthew Stapleton if you don’t know what company that is, you shouldn’t be wearin’ it……lame.

  13. Turn'tupTone

    Dude that looks fun as Hell, I respect it and learn from it.

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