Wiz Khalifa Gets New Tattoo

Wiz Khalifa recently got a new tattoo on his forehead that reads “JIMI”. It’s no ice cream cone but what do you guys think of it? BURRR!

wiz khalifa jimi tattoo


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  1. Manny Jets TGOD

    Hendrix? or what?

  2. Mr. BloWitByThE O

    NOOTT new

  3. tgod420

    why?? i guess its jimi hendrix but kinda weird. i guess he got it cuz hes the modern day hendrix. smoke weed errday


    that is retarded. what is it with dudes gettin shit on their faces… shit needs to stop

  5. Shane Johnston

    he’s ruining himself. wiz dont tat your face up like these other cats. everyone knows your about your ink dont gotta ruin your face to show it

  6. selina tha g

    aye ima tell you why he did, because he woke up and felt like “ima get a tatt on my face that says JIMI, and if people dont like it FUCK YOU!!!” that how wiz is. its not like he cant get it removed if he wanted to, let that man do his thang. hes gonna ink his whole body and his face is part of his body

  7. tatted stoner

    I think its tight and I say let all yall haters hate cuz the man himself said “Ink my whole body I dont give a motha fuck.” wiz has legit tats. wish mine where 1/4 as cool as his.

  8. random

    atleast its not a huge ice cream cone on the side of his face…..or a mike tyson-esque face tat….he coulda done a lot worse with it

  9. j

    thats not new…. and its for Jimi Hendrix, seeing as he was a big inspiration for wiz

  10. Stay Plane

    i thnk its cool as long as he dont go as far as gucci wit big ass pointless shit on his face

  11. Tyler

    thats G as fuck.yaaaa bitch

  12. TaylorGangReppin

    Quit hating on him. I like it, it’s his body so let him do whatever he wants to do. Im pretty sure he’s gonna do whatever he wants to do whether ya haters like it or not. Stop wasting your time.


  13. TGWB

    It’s not bad if it has personal value to him but im glad its not an ice cream cone. That shit was fuckin retarded.

  14. fe


  15. TaylurMade

    so tight TGOD BITCH

  16. SFRep

    Honestly man, I can’t stand a couple of the new songs you made. “Bump” and “Roll Up” mainly. What the f*** bro. Yeah I get you gota make songs for radio play, but at least make a good song. I was happy you got a major record deal with a major label, but thinking about it now I really wish you coulda just stuck with Mixtapes and your own shit. Wiz doing too much. I ain’t hating on the tat, but the hair is f***ing ridiculous. Wiz used to be my favorite rapper, but now, the only dude who ain’t playing themself out is Curren$y.

  17. Charlie

    face tattoos are a no-go.

  18. TGOD

    He already said he wouldnt get his face all tatted up

  19. Kimmie

    Fools, thts his nickname.. Amber Rose calls him Jimi

  20. georgia peach

    all i gots to say is do whad u do bae who gives ah rats ass whad dese nobods sayin..its yo body & long as u happy wid whad u do den do u!! and fyi i think everything u do is part of u & makes u u & i lovee it

  21. TGOD Btch -_-

    FCK A Mf Hater Ahaahahahahahahahahahah ! Yoo Wiz Face Tats Is DOPE Stfu w/ ALL Tht Commosion & STOP Hating & Get A Mf LIFE & STOP Worrying About A Ngga Tht Dnt Even Fcking Know You Exsist Smh & Too ALL The Mf Groupies , GET OFF HIS DICK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ( Wiz Laugh ) ;*

  22. jacob abbs

    yea fuck yall foreal like how can someone ever be your favorite anything and u talk shit about them… just some two faced bitches that dont have a life so you try to pick on shit in other peoples. wiz keep it up if u want to tat ur whole face do that shit lls na maybe not.

  23. Lou

    Wow so many haters..I don’t see why people can’t see it like wiz, and jimi, saw it: be yourself and don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. Its part of their swag

  24. Dominior Christiano

    wiz is a funny guy

  25. adriane

    wiz is cool

  26. Self_Made

    All Y’all Bitchs Stfu Nigga, Hatin’ Ass Niggas. Don’t Worry About Wtf Wiz Is Doing With His Life, Y’all Niggas Got Your Own Life To Worry About; Wiz Is One Of The R E A L I S T Rappers I Know, He Speaks Real Shit. He’s Like An Insperation Nigga, Y’all Need To Sit Tf’ Down Nobody Cares About Your Opinion Or About What You Have To Say. If Your Gonna Speak Negitive Keep You Mouth Shut, Cause Who Gives A Fuck ?


  27. STFU

    @Self_Made Well Wiz is a good dope rapper but he dont speak real shit or inspires people.. i mean not yet. Not hatin just saying man if Wiz is inspiring to you then let me get sum of that shit you smoking on!

    Now if you talking bout the Old Wiz well yeah I agree.

  28. NickTGOD

    if anybody knows what kind of glasses wiz is wearing can you let me know by sending me an email please it will really help. this is my email : nwrobel1@gmail.com

  29. tj

    mannn….wiz khalifa i feel you man…jimi inspire you…in when im 17 im getting a tatt that say WIZ ON MY FOREHAED BCUZ YOU INSPIRE ME TO RAAP

  30. C33

    Wiz that’s some fresh shit..to all you haters out there who haven’t heard ink my whole body you should here the lyrics…he says himself to you “ink my whole body I don’t give a mother fuck!!!!”

    #via TGOD
    REPPING TAYLORzZ all across the globe!!!!

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