Wiz Khalifa To Perform In London

wiz khalifa london

Tickets for Wiz Khalifa’s first London show sold out in under an hour serving as a confirmation that the Pittsburg rapper’s got next.

This morning, tickets for the Wiz Khalifa show at XOYO in east London sold out in less than 20 minutes. Over the last few years, he has put out eight mixtapes and two studio albums allowing him to build up a loyal group of fans. His third album, featuring Black and Yellow, is expected to drop later this year.

Having witnessed the speed at which Black and Yellow dominated hip hop, his selling power is no surprise. Everyone from Rick Ross to Young Jeezy jumped on Wiz’s ode to his car, which is painted the colours of his favourite football team, the Steelers.


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  1. DAVID

    i love london, here’s video footage of wiz there last year:


  2. Rosy

    <blockquote cite="The real Taylorgang just can't get tickets. Wiz tickets in London were selling on the net 2 minutes after sold out at 5-12 times face value. Wiz PLEEEEASE gives us more dates, bigger venues, help the heartbroken and keep it real. We need to hear you, see you and feel you!!! You are so hot don't let the moneymakers burn you out!!!!"

  3. Rosy

    WOW!! We have tickets – same date, bigger venue! Thanks Wiz and your management team, now you have tested the UK fan base lets hope this will mean many more return visits.
    P.S. Go Steelers!! Have Joy, Fun, Adrenalin Rushes and VICTORY!!! X

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