Wiz Khalifa – DayToday Season 3 Episode 6

Check out Wiz Khalifa & the Taylor Gang in the latest episode of DayToday. “This is what happens when you go to sleep, you get a shotgun b#tch”

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  1. J-Millie

    “What the f*ck is this ? Better not be Karate Kid !” Lmao !

  2. Austin

    What kinda of weed was u smokein when u gave that dude the shoutgun haha (^Taylor gang or die^)

  3. Hotty506

    Awww sucks his new iPhone broke they r soooo easy to break

  4. Harun

    taylor gang or die hit me up wizz 267-471-3731

  5. Jalen aka Money

    ay wiz i kno u doin it big and shit but if u got time or even read this shit can u check us out on on facebook or youtube if u got sum off time cuz im ready 2 get up out this ho….top dolla clik iz my group name and im tha producer/rapper dude that does all this shit so if u could check us out

  6. Jalen aka Money

    if u think we got potential my email iz jalencarson@yahoo.com

  7. brie

    yooooo where can i get your rollin paperss

  8. Selina Tha G Ramirez

    when u hit up the NW come get twisted up by the best of the best Hair Braiders in Portland Oregon!! im on that real exclusive tip~ Braids By Selina Tha G

    taylor gang or what?? yeah … u kno what it is ;D

  9. Angie

    stupid high! loved that fake hand shit

  10. jonny

    its material things…wwe got our health and eachother and pussy ..ahahh wiz go hard ..he one of the hardest out he go an id kick it with him seems chill funny af wont be bored with him… and im missing my front tooth like his uncle

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