What Are the Wiz Khalifa Tattoos?

Wiz Khalifa tattoos are all over his body.  He considers himself the king of ink and wants to be one of the major artists that have tons of ink on his body.  One of the biggest tattoos that he has is the word Khalifa, on his back..  He even came up with a song and a of couple music videos, called “Ink My Whole Body”.  Somebody asked how many does he actually have been the answer was a lot.  It is also suggested that Matt Lettau may be one of the artists that did the ink.

 On his chest he has the quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., “The ultimate measure of a Man is not where He stands in moments of comfort and convenience.  But where He stands at times of challenge and controversy.”.  Wiz Khalifa tattoos started when he was 16 when he got his first one.  His first tattoo with the name of his group and then he just kept going from there.  He said most of them are spiritual or have something to do with his life and how he lives it eerie at said they all have meaning, including the one that says, “Self Made”.  He said he has one for his uncle he has one for his sister.  And of course, he has superstar written out on his knuckles.

 Was Khalifa, tattoos have been the subject of many interviews and he said that the “Self Made” tat is his favorite because it means a lot to him.  He said, it embodies how he has really been a self-made person and he just really really likes that one.  Where will he stop?  It is truly hard to say.  Certainly as he presses on in his life he will surely add additional tattoos that have huge meaning to him.


  1. 407 · August 18, 2014

    So funny that is always the subject of all his interviews, as if he doesnt keep reminding himself every pass by a mirror or photo lol. Tatoos are for those people who always have to use sticky notes or the ones who cant remember anything ever! They detour and close the doors to much other topics of interest. Put that on ur face lol.

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