Wiz Khalifa….The Fansite.

Well I guess if you found this then awesome, this blog is dedicated to The captain of the Space Ship…Wiz Khalifa. I personally find his music, the scene and all that…just dope. So I decided to start a blog and just keep everyone on the net with love for Khalifa to be able to get the latest information, and listen to me bullshit. So enjoy your time here, roll one up and blaze one and lets relax and take this in. I will update this blog with old videos and pictures I have found interesting. So Look out for my “tags” on the post to tell you “new” and “old shit”.

Keep Visiting for updates, new songs, mixtapes and ALL the latest wiz khalifa information. Enjoy his newest song.

Comments (6)

  1. J-YRS (Post author)

    Enjoy Enjoy people.

  2. t.y.heat

    1league. com´╗┐ review on wiz khalifa kush x orange juice

  3. Pauli G

    i’m a big fan of wiz. he’s part of the new class that has production + lyrircism, just like this rapper Vi… http://tinyurl.com/2dbu2bb

  4. Chabri

    i love him

  5. Marie

    he is a good rapper

  6. nick

    .wiz khalifa is my nigga i don’t listen o2 nobody but wiz khalifa i even got my hair just like wiz khalifa and i don’t smoke blunt i smoke papers just like wiz khalifa TAYLOR GANG OR DIE

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